Homeopathic Cold Remedies

I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather lately.  It started with a headache, then I got a sore throat and now I’m super congested.  I guess this is a taste of what’s to come this fall and winter.  Though fall is my favorite time of year, I’m less than thrilled about this aspect.  The change in temperature and humidity always puts my body in a tailspin and I end up with a sinus infection.  Not to mention I’m the happy recipient of all the germs that these two pass around….

I read the book Skinny Bitch a while back and though I’m on the fence about a lot of the content (us Puppy Dogs love our meat) I do happen to agree with the notion that we shouldn’t be introducing all of these foreign “aids” into our bodies when we’re sick.  There’s just something very unnatural about popping pills that is unsettling to me.  So, I’m trying to kick this cold the old fashioned way….with natural remedies.  First up….the Green  Monster

I’m still not digging this pomegranate mango flavor, but I wanted to finish the packet.  Next up is the fabulous netty pot. 

It took me a while to get used to this one.  It gives me flashbacks of diving into the pool as a little girl at swimming lessons and having lots of cold water rush through my sinus cavity.  Lovely!  The only difference is that I can control the temperature of this “flush” and I’m doing it on purpose.  Insane!  Hey, when you’re desperate, your desperate!

Being under the weather meant Mama didn’t feel like cooking tonight.  Enter take-out exhibit #1

Outback Curbside Take Away, I love you!  We ordered the standard salad (healthy greens), baked potato (I ate half), and an Outback Special steak which I split with Andy (actually, I just ate a sliver). 

It was lovely!  And if all else fails, maybe this will make me feel better…..

1/2 glass of Pinot Grigio that I couldn’t finish.  Well, these are my natural remedies.  I sure hope I start to feel better so that things can get back to normal.  The poor little redhead had to take to cleaning up the kitchen this evening…

And until then, I guess I’ll have to stick with this….



What are your natural remedies to colds?


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