A Yoga Beginning

I’ve really wanted to get back to doing some yoga.  Let me explain.  “Getting back to” isn’t what you might think.  I’ve never been an accomplished yogi.  I’ve dabbled with it here and there never going beyond a beginner class.  I’ve done several classes in person, even a beginner workshop and I have to say that I got something new from each one.  So, I think I’m ready to take my practice to the next level.

This morning I got up at my normal crack of dawn time.  5:15am.  But this time I didn’t hop on the treadmill.  Instead I rolled out the old yoga mat. 



I’ve been a fan of yogadownload for a while now.  But I admit, I tend to get overwhelmed with the site at times.  So, I enlisted the help of someone who I admire in the blog world…Heather.  I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed following Heather’s blog.  She’s really a wealth of knowledge in many areas and she’s super personable.  Heather suggested a 45 minute Power Fusion class. 

I loved it.  It was the perfect amount of challenge that I needed and the 45 minutes flew by.  It was totally worth getting up for.  There’s nothing like watching the sun come up.  

I know it takes a while to feel the full effects of yoga and have body and mind connect.  But, when this does happen it’s nothing less than a euphoric feeling.  It’s funny how I pay more attention to what I put in my body when I’m doing yoga.  I guess it’s the whole cleansing sensation that I want to preserve.  I wish I could walk around all day feeling like I do after a nice long savasana. 

So dinner was as healthy as I could muster given that it was golf night, the pups were acting crazy,  and we’re trying to eat down our food supply since we’ll be on vacation next week.


There’s nothing quite like breakfast for dinner. 


With a side of yumminess (whole wheat bread with Nutella and blackberry sage jam).  It hit the spot! 


The pups were happy! 


And I still felt calm and peaceful as the sun went down



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4 responses to “A Yoga Beginning

  1. so many good things here. i would love to do more yoga- and yes it would involve getting up super early. you’re an inspiration.

    and breakfast for dinner? mmm! go, mama, go!

  2. Early morning yoga and breakfast for dinner? Sounds like my ideal beginning and end to a perfect day! Thanks so much for the shout out and for your kind words regarding my blog. 🙂

    P.S. “I wish I could walk around all day feeling like I do after a nice long savasana.” – I feel the same way!

  3. Hey Andrea! I was excited to see another health/fitness blogger in Hagerstown!! I’m a pretty new blogger myself and I’m really enjoying it so far. I actually think you look familiar and we may have lived in the same neighborhood at one time (north end by the new Martin’s perhaps?) Could be you’re totally someone else which is great too!! We have kids who are about the same age so I would love to see different ideas on things you feed your kids that are both healthy and that they will actually eat!

    I’ll definitely be following your blog journey here!

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