Mama’s Going Green in More Ways Than One

I’ve read Sophie Uliano’s book Gorgeously Green and I really liked it.   I really need to get my own copy because I’ve nearly worn my sister’s out.  Sorry Brooke!  Though I’m a busy mom, I’ve really tried to be more conscious of taking care of the environment.  Lord knows I want to preserve this beautiful earth for my boys to be able to enjoy with their children and grandchildren.  One small step has been to minimize the use of grocery bags at the supermarket (or any store).  Enter the Chico Bag.   I just bought a few as teacher gifts for my son’s daycare teachers and I thought I’d pick up two for myself.  They’ve come in so handy.

Here is the bag unfolded after I picked up a few groceries…ignore the wrinkles…it’s a fabulous bag.


What I love about it, is it folds up easily to be carried in my purse.  It’s smaller than my wallet.  I have two in there now and I can’t even tell.


Notice the neat little clip on the side?  Now there’s no excuse for forgetting my reusable bags…I have two with me at all times.   I really think everyone should have a few of these….Christmas idea?  Absolutely! 

Let me rewind for a bit.  I was led to the grocery store this afternoon by a crazy craving for something light, cool and refreshing for dinner.  Spring rolls!  I have to admit that I was really moved by Sarah’s post today on “Making the Connection”.  We’re certainly a meat eating family, but I’m really intent on trying to eat 1-2 meals a week that are meatless.  I figured tonight was as good of a time as any.  And no Sam…we will not be swimming with the dolphins in North Carolina this coming week…we might not be swimming period, but that’s a different story

Andrea’s Yummy Spring Rolls


Spring Roll Paper

shredded carrots

shredded cucumber

cooked shrimp (I used baby)



Dipping Sauce

peanut sauce

soy sauce

I’ve been very intimidated to try these.  Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a much better baker than a cook and the whole rice paper thing intimidates me.  I’m happy to report…it was easier than I thought.


I think the secret may be to soak the rice paper in hot water for only about 30 seconds (too long and they get too sticky) and to have all of your ingredients plated and ready to “roll”. 


I then placed the rice paper on a wet tea towel and dabbed it with a dry, clean wash cloth until it was a bit tacky.  I filled the center with all of my ingredients:  carrots, cucumbers, shrimp, mint, and cilantro…not too much now…just fill the center of the paper.  Next was folding it.  I folded the rice paper in half like a burrito.


I then folded each end in.  It kind of reminded me of wrapping a birthday present.


One side


Two sides.  I then rolled it up and pressed the top of the rice paper against the roll to seal it.

The peanut sauce is simple.  I just mixed a bit of soy sauce with the peanut sauce to give it a more runny consistency.



They turned out really good.  I’m almost inclined to say they were just as good (if not better) than the ones that I’ve had in Vietnamese restaurants. 



There you have it…yes, they have shrimp in them  (which is technically meat I know…I’m not a rocket scientist, but I am a scientist of other sorts), but for this family that’s a huge step.  I combined them with some yummy Channa Masala. 


It’s packaged, I know, but I was impressed by the simple and short ingredient list.  I have to say that the pups weren’t too keen on this meal.  Sam did pick the shrimp out of the wraps (typical) and Logan licked the peanut sauce (typical, typical).  Change doesn’t happen over night my friends.  This is going to take some getting used to.  But we’re taking steps in the right direction and it makes me feel good! 



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2 responses to “Mama’s Going Green in More Ways Than One

  1. Brooke

    so that’s where my book is. 🙂

    we need to make those spring rolls at the beach, don’t ya think??


  2. I’ve always wanted to make spring rolls…I think I’m going to have to try this. Thanks!

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