Yesterday was Andy and my 7 year wedding anniversary.  It was a beautiful day, just like it was 7 years ago.  I can’t believe we’ve been married 7 years….feels like less.  But let me rewind to our first full day at the beach.  My dad made pancakes and bacon…yum!  He had some help mixing up the pancake batter. 



I had one large pancake with a smear of peanut butter and two pieces of bacon.  It really held me over through lunch.  When I split one of these with my sister.


We spent the entire day on the beach.  The weather was beautiful and the water was warm.



We even found a live star fish which was really neat.


Sam threw it right back in the water so it could “swim” away.  Once it got closer to dinner time Mom and Dad watched the boys while Andy and I went to the Black Pelican to celebrate our anniversary.  The pups played Memory with Aunt Brooke.


And Andy and I headed out…


Dinner was excellent.  We started with an appetizer….Oysters Orville.  Oysters with spinach, prosciutto, and Swiss cheese.


YUM!  These were definitely my favorite and we scored an extra plate since our waitress put in two orders!!!!

Dinner was broiled scallops in an avocado aioli with Kahlua sweet potatoes (which were excellent) and an arugula salad with pineapple chutney. 


It was excellent and I ate all of the scallops and potatoes and a few bites of the salad.  We had to stop for dessert and we spotted a Coldstone Creamery.  It got a Like It size coffee ice cream with Heath bars mixed in…Yum!


I ate almost all of this, because I was still full from dinner. 

The agenda for today:

Fishing on the beach

More beach time

Maybe a dip in the hot tub

Dinner tonight by Andy

It’s a rough life!  See you soon!


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