Back to Normal

Well, I’m happy to report that all of our bags are unpacked, the laundry is done and the pups are about to get a proper bath…with soap!  Things are back to normal. 

And that includes a “normal” dinner.  As much fun as vacation is, I’m always left craving a good, home cooked, dinner when we return.  Too many treats, indulgent appetizers, dinners out, and cocktails really make you appreciate normal. 

Tonight’s dinner was just about as normal as the puppy household gets.  And boy was it good! 


The chicken breasts were baked and marinated in a Sesame Ginger sauce.  Yum!  Green beans and sweet corn fresh from the Eastern shore.  Probably our last batch of corn for the summer.  (sniff, sniff)



The corn was delicious! 

As if this little gadget wasn’t cool enough….


hello butter boy!  Look what I found during a shopping excursion at the beach.


A corn scraper that slices the corn right off the cob.  Perfect for Andy and Logan who prefer their corn cut off the cob.  I have no idea why…to me, part of the fun of eating corn is eating it straight off the cob.  I think someone else would agree with me!


We ended the night with one of these.


A beach tradition.  Hey, I had some leftovers that I would hate to go to waste.  After all, isn’t normal kind of boring????


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