Easy Meals

Tuesday nights are notoriously golf night in our house.  Andy plays golf after work and the little pups and I are left to our own devices for dinner.  These nights call for something easy.  Something I can do/make with one hand while the other hand refills sippy cups, cleans up something the dog chewed up, kisses boo boos, and serves the after school snack of cold grapes (times 4).  Yep, I did all of that within 5 minutes of walking in the door this evening. 

Luckily I thought ahead a few weeks ago and froze some of my Fabulous Bean Soup.  


It was just as fabulous tonight.  But I added a few Multigrain Food Should Taste Good chips crumbled on top.  And paired it with a warm croissant.   This probably took 10 minutes total and was easily prepared with one hand! 


Even this small portion was very filling.  That’s the beauty of beans.  My frozen portion was just enough for the pups and I to share.  I’m sorry Andy had to miss out…well, not really…my olfactory receptors will be thanking me tonight if you get my drift! 

The boys loved it.  Logan gobbled up the soup.


And Sam made dinner out of the butter for his croissant. 


And later I had a hankering from something a little sweet, a little light, and a little fall-inspired.  We dug into this…


…my first piece of pumpkin pie of the season.  Heavenly! 

Off to cuddle with the pups and read a bedtime story or two. 


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