Blondies and Redheads…Oh My!

TGIF!  What a long week.  I was excited to come home tonight, cook a nice dinner, and relax.  The boys wanted sweet potatoes and I wanted to chop up our last squash from the garden.  We added baked chicken and we called it dinner.


I normally do sweet potato medallions.  I chop them (skins on) and toss them into a Ziploc bag with olive oil, salt and pepper.  I give it a good shake and squish.  Then I spread them on a tray and bake them for 20 minutes at 400 degrees.  Today I did something a bit different.  I sprinkled them with cinnamon.  Yum!  The boys love them dipped in ketchup.


Nice and crispy.  Then I sautéed the squash in some olive oil with some Seasoning Salt that I got from Tastefully Simple.  I love this stuff….so versatile. 



I cooked them until they were mushy.  The boys tried them, but that’s where it stopped.  Oh well, one day!  More for Andy and I.  While I cooked, the boys played cowboys and truck drivers.  Apparently times have changed.



Eventually dinner was ready.  My plate looked like this.


I ate most of this…I left 1/3 of the chicken.  I was listening to my hunger…plus, I knew we were planning on a treat later. 

Enter Blondies.  I made the recipe that Jenna posted a few days ago.   Hello sugar and butter! 


The boys helped.


Occasionally I’ve have to wrestle a cooking utensil away.  Who invited Buzz Lightyear?  Why did I spend so much money on Halloween costumes.  Who knew we had all the accessories in our kitchen? 

Eventually the buzzer went off, the boys came running, and I cut these babies.


Jenna was so right.  These are amazing.  Super sweet and super chewy.  The boys dove in and demolished this faster than I could snap a picture.  I really like the simple and short ingredient list.


Thanks Jenna!  Great recipe! 


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One response to “Blondies and Redheads…Oh My!

  1. Brooke

    hope you saved a blondie for me. i may be over in a little bit to taste-test. 🙂

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