Redneck Kind of Weekend!

Whew…what a weekend.  I think I’ve sat down a total of 20 minutes today and that was during the sermon at church.  Lets start with yesterday.  Andy and I took the pups to The Great Frederick Fair.  It’s a tradition! 


Tractors are always the favorite.  Along with pony rides.


Pigs, goats, ox…oh my!




Then came the food.  What can I say?  We tasted lots!  Dogs and root beer for the boys.



Pulled pork and fresh squeezed lemonade for Andy and I.



And we ended the day with one ride.  The pups picked the race car.


We rushed home for a quick nap and then Andy and I headed out for a “date night”.  Another tradition…gun dinners.  Yes, I said it.  GUN DINNERS….it’s an all you can eat and drink dinner where they raffle off shot guns.   I do it for love folks…seriously, I do!   Words just don’t do these types of functions justice.  See for yourself….




I kid you not….this was what we got to look at while enjoying fried turkey, green beans, baked beans, potatoes, and cole slaw.  What?  Did you expect classiness?   Good thing there was pumpkin pie!


After a crazy Sunday of church, Sunday school, and soccer games.  We relaxed this evening with a home cooked meal with the family.  Fried chicken, rolls, baked beans, and red potatoes.  Now that our bellies are full and our team lost (boo Redskins) we’re heading upstairs for warm showers and comfy PJ’s. 


And I’m ready to get back to civilization tomorrow! 


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  1. If that doesn’t scream a traditional family weekend, I don’t know what does. Great pics, looks like animals and family were having fun:)

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