Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Today was my birthday….the big 33!  Why is this one bothering me more than 30?  I don’t get it.  To prove that I am still young and spry I did a quick treadmill workout this morning.  Only 20 minutes, but at a high intensity.  I did 2 minutes of 12% incline, 2 minutes sprinting as fast as I could and 1 minute recovering.  I repeated this 4 times.  I admit it kind of kicked my butt.  I’m old!  Then I did some light weight training and abs.  Not a bad start to this fine day considering it’s quite dreary outside. 

According to the weather man this will be our attire for the next few days. 


The temperatures are definitely dipping here in Maryland.  It’s starting to feel like fall!  I love it! 

My day was filled with good stuff even though I had to work and all (why isn’t there a law that we get our birthdays off?).  I woke up to all 3 boys singing happy birthday to me.  It was wonderful.  Then I got cards and presents.  There was a special delivery at work…flowers from my two little guys.  How great they are (and way to go Daddy Andy).  Andy took me to lunch which was nice.  We ate at Glory Days.  I had a turkey wrap (I ate half of it) and a bunch of steamed vegetables.  After work I rushed to church to work on my sunday school classroom.  And now I’m home.  I’m about to enjoy the last few moments of my birthday snuggled with my pups in bed.  The best part of the day by far! 

But, before that, I had to throw something together for our Toys for Tots fundraiser tomorrow.  We’re having a Fall/Harvest Party and I wanted to bring a dish.  Enter Crunch Cole Slaw.  So easy and so yummy. 


Crunch Cole Slaw

1 lb bag of cole slaw mix

1 cup of sunflower seeds

1 cup of almonds

2 packs of Chicken flavored Ramen noodles

1 cup of oil

1/3 cup of white vinegar

1/2 cup of sugar

Mix together the cole slaw, sunflower seeds, almonds and the noodles (crunched up) of both Ramen packets.  Combine with your hands.  In a separate bowl mix the 2 chicken seasoning packets of the Ramen noodles, oil, vinegar, and sugar.  Cover and keep both bowls in the refrigerator until ready to serve.  Right before serving, mix the dressing over the cole slaw.  Enjoy!

I’m telling you this is so good.  It will impress all of your friends but it’s incredibly easy.  My kind of dish! 



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4 responses to “Happy Birthday to Me!!!

  1. oh, happy 33rd! funny when the feelings rush in, isn’t it? you are still so young! it sounds like you had an amazing day even if it was filled with all kinds of emotions. sending bday hugs your way!!!

  2. belated happy birthday. hope you had a fantastic day!

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