Marie Claire…don’t you dare!

I have to admit, that I’ve spent most of the day today thinking about the November article in Marie Claire that discusses food bloggers and how they supposedly are portraying an unhealthy image.  I wasn’t going to give it any attention, but it hurt some bloggers that I really respect and have learned a lot from.  Most of those bloggers have posted rebuttals on their blogs today and I can’t say that I blame them.  As a loyal reader of those blogs and new food blogger myself I wanted to expose this article for what it is…..a load of crap! 

And the reason that I think this is because I’ve learned many things from these ladies…..many HEALTHY things.  Here are just a few lessons from the bloggers I follow most. 

From Jenna I’ve learned that it’s okay to indulge in delicious desserts and savor a glass (or two) of fabulous wine.  She definitely puts the joy of eating back into food.  Italian buttercream anyone? 


From Kath I’ve learned that being healthy is a balance of eating well, exercising, educating yourself, and having fun. 


From Caitlin I’ve learned that physical beauty is only skin deep and true beauty lies in the quality of the person.  I’ve learned to accept myself… hair, stretch marks and all!

Andrea_30 weeks pregnant 004

From Meghann I’ve learned that even busy 9-5’ers can still fit in exercise and make healthy choices.

Basement Pics 003

And so to Heather, Tina, Kath, JennaMeghann, and Caitlin and all the other fabulous health food bloggers, keep doing what you’re doing and keep inspiring others to make healthy choices.  You’ve definitely inspired this blogger!



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2 responses to “Marie Claire…don’t you dare!

  1. Beautiful. Thank you for the lovely post. 🙂

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