Sweet Day, Sweet Millet

Today was beautiful!  After a crappy night (one of our little pups had the stomach flu and was up ALL night) we needed it!  Sam headed to soccer practice.  Here is his first official soccer photo.  Handsome!


This afternoon we relaxed outside.  The weather was perfect.  I had just gotten back from a run and the boys woke up from their naps, so everyone was in a good mood. 


The gator always makes a weekend appearance.  The boys LOVE that thing!  Thanks Mum Mum and Pop!  It’s still going strong after more than 2 years!  The little pup is getting the hang of driving…



Ooops….lost one. 


I could actually sit on the patio and enjoy a nice evening snack.


I love these Back to Nature crackers.  So do the boys!!!! 


Then we sat down to a great dinner.  Prime rib cooked on the grill, squash sautéed in olive oil and rosemary, and my sweet millet concoction.  Plus a few leftover sweet potato fries. 



Everything was great, but this millet was the highlight!  I had some leftover millet from a while back and I wanted to use some up.  So, I cooked it and then mixed in some agave nectar, maple syrup, pecans, craisins, cinnamon and a sprinkle of brown sugar. 


So good!  Everyone liked it.  Even Daddy!


I will definitely make this again.  In fact, I’m planning to heat up the leftovers for breakfast tomorrow.  Yes, it was THAT good! 



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2 responses to “Sweet Day, Sweet Millet

  1. awwww, Sam’s soccer picture is SO SWEET..

    Wasn’t today just BEAUTIFUL??

    my son crawled up again as I logged on and saw your boys driving that ADORABLE tractor. We bought J a JEEP hot wheels last christmas and he still won’t drive it. (too loud) so he saw your boys and was all, they have a jeep? those boys??

    than he tried to blow out your candle.

    I am so making that millet! I love millet and always try new things with it!
    so happy you had a great day!

    ME TOO!
    oh and my husband LOVES that banana bread! THANKS SO MUCH~

  2. mmm. millet is so good. i don’t know why i haven’t made it in a while. yours looks almost caramelized.
    and your boys are so sweet, andrea! great to see those happy faces!

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