Me at FedEx Field Oct 2009 - GO SKINS!

Hi and welcome to my blog!  My name is Andrea and I’m a 30-something working mom.  I have two boys (ages 2 and 4).  I’m married to my wonderful husband, Andy.  Included in our testosterone-filled home are two chocolate labs who add to the chaos and drive me insane, but whom I love none-the-less.

Andy and I in Savannah, GA the summer before we became parents...don't we look relaxed?

 Andy and I met while working in a research lab together (yes, we’re science geeks).  We immediately clicked and have been together ever since.  I’ll spare you the boring details, but we dated for few years and got married in my parents back yard.  It was one of the happiest days of my life. 

Andy and I - Honeymoon in the Dominican Republic

I’ve always been and extremely active person.  I played 3 sports in high school and continue to play intermurals in college while hitting the gym almost daily.  Once I left school and entered the “real world” I had access to a wonderful gym and continued my healthy exercise habits.  That all changed when we had our first little guy.  Sam was born 3 years after we were married and I have to say that being a mother changed me in ways I can’t even describe.  Becoming a mother has been the single most spectacular moment of my life.  One of the biggest changes was with time management.  I no longer had time for myself and struggled to fit in exercising.  And once I stopped exercising the eating right went out the window, too.  I tend to be all or nothing. 

Christmas 2006 - Sam and I

Exactly 26 months later we welcomed our second son Logan to the family.  What a surprise…another boy (and a redhead to boot – just like his mommy).  We were thrilled.  But if I thought I had NO time before to take care of myself, I really had NO time now.  If I couldn’t eat or do it with one hand and one baby on my hip and the other around my leg, then I wasn’t doing it.  I blame this lapse in judgement on hormones and lack of sleep…too bad it lasted well beyond maternity leave. 

Logan and I - July 2010

 Enter the year 2009 when my sanity returned (somewhat).  The biggest change was to lose the “all or nothing” mentality.  I stopped weighing myself (and beating myself up) daily, I started eating more real foods (less processed) and I tried to incorporate exercise when I could…not obsessing if I couldn’t.  I happily report that I weigh less now than I did before getting pregnant.  I’m happy and have more energy for my kids. 

This blog is to document my constant journey to balance food, exercise, family, faith, and work.  And to share some hints that are working to help maintain this balance along the way.  Believe me…I know what it’s like to be the diaper changer, sippy cup re-filler, spit up cleaner upper while still trying to get to work without smelling like a tube of Desitin or noticing mashed banana on your shoulder at your 8:30am staff meeting…believe me, I do! 

Thanks for the visit and I’d love to hear from you!


4 responses to “About

  1. Leah @ Why Deprive?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!!
    Im looking forward to reading more of yours!

  2. Hi Andrea!
    Always nice to find healthy living working MOMS!!!

    your lil guys are ADORABLE (love that red hair) and I too live in testosterone-ville.
    I have a teenager and a toddler, husband. It’s just me and the cat that are girls.
    lots of xbox and boy noises!
    balance is such a constant goal for me too.

    just wanted to say HI and check out your blog!

  3. Love the photos! Butternut Squash Soup recipe looks yum! Plan to use it at a dinner entertaining my aunt and uncle who are visiting from out of town.

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